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Parking is often on the forefront of any visit to the WSU Pullman campus and there are several options for individuals planning a trip during the workday or evening and weekend hours.

Daily parking permits and hourly payment options are available for those visiting campus during business hours Monday-Friday and can be purchased in-person, online or through the AMP Park app.

Several parking lots around the core and edge of campus do not require permits or payment for evening and weekend hours while others — such as the parking structures — offer covered parking and close access to the pedestrian mall at an hourly rate.

All options can provide affordable and accessible parking for attending public events, celebrations, meetings and more!


Daily and hourly parking for the evening and weekend can be purchased either in-person or online, depending on the desired parking area and payment method.

In-Person: Daily permits or predetermined hourly parking can be purchased at WSU Transportation Services and the Brelsford WSU Visitor Center. Both offices accept cash and credit/debit card as payment. Parking rates vary based on permit type and location.

Online: Daily permits can be purchased the same day online at by selecting, “Order Permits.” Arrival time, duration of the stay and location on campus will determine whether a daily permit is needed or advised. Many parking lots do not require a daily permit after 5 p.m. Monday-Friday or on the weekends, however there are some that do. Pricing varies based on permit type.

Hourly parking can be purchased at or by downloading the AMP Park app on a mobile device. Both options require users to have an account, select a desired parking lot or structure, enter the amount of parking time and add vehicle information. The selected parking area will display hourly rates and whether payment is required at that time of day. There is also the ability to add time as needed without restarting the process.

Online purchases can only be made with credit/debit cards.

AMP Park App Guide for Users

1. Navigate to the application store on a mobile device, search for “AMP Park,” and download the app.

2. Open the app and select the options tab indicated by three lines in the top left corner. Select “Create Account” and follow the prompts. Creating an account allows users to add vehicle and payment information in advance and save it for future use.

3. Enter “Pullman, WA” into the Location Search bar to view available parking lots and rates prior to the visit. Once parked, open the app and select the parking area indicated on the sign at the lot entrance. NOTE: The corresponding parking area will automatically display if the app is enabled to access the mobile device’s location.

4. Choose the desired amount of time and enter or add a vehicle. Press “Continue.”

5. Select, add or change the payment method and press “Purchase.” 6. Return to the app and add more time, if necessary!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know where I can park and if a permit or payment is required during evening and weekend hours?

All parking lots and structures at WSU Pullman are signed at the entrance denoting when parking permits and payment are required. For example, several lots will have signs stating permits are only required 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday (meaning patrons are good to park without a permit or payment after 5 p.m. during the week and on weekends) or “Permits Required At All Times.”

How does Disability Parking on campus work during weekday business hours?

Accessible parking options are available to individuals visiting campus with a state-issued disability placard or license plate when paired with a valid WSU parking permit. Parking areas and requirements can vary based on desired campus location and more detailed information is available by visiting Parking Information on the WSU Transportation Services website and expanding the third tab titled, “Disability Parking.”

How does Disability Parking on campus work in the evening and on weekends?

Individuals with a state-issued disability placard or license plate can park by displaying the state-issued endorsement in areas where permits are not required after 5 p.m. Monday-Friday or on the weekends in addition to on-street hourly parking locations. A valid WSU permit and the state-issued disability parking placard/plate are needed for areas on campus requiring a permit or payment. These areas include the Fine Arts and Smith Center (CUE) Parking Garages and disability spaces within the restricted area of the pedestrian mall. Hourly payment is required with a state-issued disability placard or plate in the Terrell Library Parking Garage.

How do WSU Pullman campus events affect evening and weekend parking rules?

All parking lots are subject to change during major campus events, meaning the rules (including payment requirements) will differ from a typical day. Major campus events include WSU Athletics home games, Commencement, Family Weekends and large-scale concerts or events.

Is there electric vehicle charging available on campus and how does it work?

Yes! There are ChargePoint electric vehicle charging stations located in the Terrell Library and Smith Center (CUE) Parking Garages along with parking lots off Grimes Way and College Avenue. The stations are available 24/7 with payment for parking and charging completed in the ChargePoint app (a ChargePoint account is required).

Additional Information and Resources

WSU Transportation Services and the Brelsford WSU Visitor Center are available to assist with additional parking information and resources. Temporary, complimentary parking is available at both locations allowing individuals to park without concern while learning about the various options for their visit. A variety of online parking maps are also available for visitors to view prior to arriving on campus.

WSU Transportation Services is located at 1040 NE Colorado St. with standard business hours Monday-Friday. More information is available by contacting 509-335-7275 or and online at

The Brelsford WSU Visitor Center is located at 150 E. Spring St. with standard business hours of 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, opening on the weekends and evenings for special events. More information is available by contacting 509-335-4636 or and online at



Approximate driving times to Pullman from major cities:

  1. Spokane: 90 minutes
  2. Seattle: 5 hours
  3. Portland: 6 hours
  4. Coeur d’Alene: 2 hours
  5. Missoula: 5 hours
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  2. Oregon:
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