Brelsford WSU Visitor Center

Gifts and Gear

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At the Visitor Center you can:

WSU Student Wine Blended Learning

Purchase Cougar Connected Wines

The Brelsford WSU Visitor Center offers a large selection of wines available for purchase and all wines are connected to Cougar alumni! Find your favorite bottle and learn about how WSU has partnered with the state's wine makers and grape growers since the 1960's to nurture an industry that today produces wines of distinct flavor, quality and value sought after internationally.


cheese cans image

Pick up your favorite Washington State
University cheese

WSU Creamery's excellent tradition continues! Since the 1930's, WSU has created cheese in a can. Grab your favorite flavor in a 30 ounce can while at the Visitor Center. The Creamery produces over 250,000 cans of cheese each year!

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And find unique WSU merchandise

Find WSU Honey from the Entomology department along with some Cougar apparel and an assortment of souvenirs. We will help you find the information you need, the directions on how to get there, and details of upcoming events.

Brelsford WSU Visitor Center, PO Box 641912, Pullman, WA 99164-1912, (509) 335-INFO (4636), Contact Us