Field Trips

Washington State University is proud to offer a unique opportunity to experience our world-class campus first-hand through our field trips service.

As a outstanding institute of post-secondary education, with facilities on the forefront of groundbreaking research, our university is home to many unique departments and distinguished faculty that are eager to share their experience with young minds.  We offer youth an opportunity to engage with our faculty, to learn, and to have fun while doing it!  Whether they are learning about the laws of the natural world during our EXPLOSIVE physics demonstration or exploring the night sky during a mesmerizing planetarium demonstration, they are bound to walk away with new found knowledge and an experience they will never forget.

Interested in transportation funding for your visit?

Check out the Buy-a-Busload-of-Kids-Program from the WSU Museum of Art!
The Buy-a-Busload-of-Kids program offers transportation funding to schools within a 100-mile radius to take field trips to the Museum of Art.

Set up a Buy-A-Busload of Kids Tour:
  • Print – Fill out – Return this form.
  • Submit your online visit request.
  • Receive confirmation of your visit.
  • Visit WSU!

Bussing arrangements must be made by the requesting agency. Transportation reimbursement arrangements will be made through the Museum of Art. See the Museum of Art website for more details.